A new year has begun, now we have left 2020 behind it’s time to look ahead with optimism - and of course with style! Whether you are expecting great challenges or bright opportunities, No Logo Eyewear is by your side to offer you the right accessory to face this 2021. Sign by sign, here is the style horoscope and our tips for you.


For Aries this is expected to be an eventful year, but while you wait for the moment to come try to curb your enthusiasm. As for style choices, the must have for 2021 is a rockin’ sunglass to match with your most aggressive outfits.
The sunglass for you: 18066, inspired by the iconic aviator



We know that as a Taurus you have an extremely conservative mind, but this can be a strenght for your style: focus on chic and timeless garments, that can last over time. Since a difficult year is waiting for you, best to face it with elegance.
The sunglass for you: 19009, the most elegant choice.



2021 will be the year when you break down the walls, in every aspect of your life: hard but essential in orde to re-build. It’s the right time then to dare aggressive outfits, so that everyone will know you’re facing the year with a new strenght.
The sunglass for you: 30193, the biker-inspired style it’s perfect to stand out.


It sounds like you have a bright and lucky year ahead, good for you! Since life goes on peacefully, make the most of it and clean up your closet too: less garments but more versatile, the right style for you it’s comfy-chic.
The sunglass for you: 18053, elegant with a sporty touch.


With Saturn and Jupiter against you, 2021 is definitely going to test you in many ways. However, we know you’ll be able to handle any trouble with the usual grit, therefore don’t give up on your unconventional style: everyone else will follow your trend.
The sunglass for you: 19005, with a unique and distinctive design. 


Even if you’ll have to deal with many ups and downs, try not to be too fatalistic and resist the temptation to lock you up at home. We know you tend to be minimal even when it comes to style, but allow yourself a fit of temper once in a while with a special accessory.
The sunglass for you: 30276S, elegant with personality.


A year full of rediscovery and new adventures awaits you, after one in which you had Saturn in opposition. You’ll simply have to take advantage of new, favourable conditions, without ever forgetting lessons from the past: also in your style, so, focus on vintage and on elegance, inspired by the beginning of the 20th century. 
The sunglass for you: 19013, vintage with style. 


For Scorpio it’s time to deal with some outstanding issues, before enjoying a quite serene 2021. It’s best to stay calm then, and to put a stop to your fit of temper even when it comes to style, without compromising your usual grit. 
The sunglass for you: 9944S, a choice that combines strenght and elegance. 


It’s going to be a great year for Sagittarius, highly stimulating and exciting: the ideal situation for a sign that has always loved social life and that inevitably has suffered its lackness during 2020. Your strenght in fashion it’s to know how to combine really different styles, with lightness and creativity. 
The sunglass for you: 19012, elegant and colorful 


New year will start with no big news and you might feel impatient, but be patient because last months of 2021 will hold the best opportunities for you. As for style, you’re going to retain your usual elegance, in fact no one can enhance a sober and strict outfit like you do.
The sunglass for you: 30247S, squared and super chic.


2021 it’s going to be full of revelations and revolutions for Acquarius: it will be like turning from chrysalis to butterfly, so get ready for an exciting year. If you have always had a pop and creative style, this year more that ever you can express your artistic nature the best: go ahead with colors! 
The sunglass for you: 19006 with pink lens, pop and romantic at the same time. 


2020 has put a strain on your dreaming spirit, confronting the harsh reality, and this year you’ll still have to be careful and stay grounded. But don’t give up on your characteristic, bon-ton style just yet: it’s best to face life with elegance. 
The sunglass for you: 81033, refined and elegant.