How the frame of our sunglasses influences style and personality

How the frame of our sunglasses influences style and personality

Sunglasses allow you to express your personality and emphasize your style. But what do they say about you?

Tell me which sunglasses you’re wearing and I’ll tell you who you are

Sunglasses are not only a useful tool to protect the eyes, but also an accessory that allows us to express our personality and, like clothing, they can help create the image you want to communicate about yourself to others. That’s why it’s important, when choosing a new pair, to understand what you want to communicate about yourself.
The secret? Choosing the right frame: the one that most of all is able to reflect not only your personality, but also your lifestyle.

In short, the sunglasses we wear become part of our identity. So, the right question to ask yourself is: how do I want to look? Sophisticated, youthful, trendy or in career? The right pair of sunglasses can empower our professional image, for example, or highlight a particular character trait by communicating something about us, even if we choose to wear a different model on every occasion! Here are our tips to help you choose the right frame, depending on your lifestyle and your personality.

Sunglasses for business man and women

To help build confidence in your clients and co-workers, choose a frame with an understated color and shape. Classic oval or rectangular shaped frames in traditional shades like gray, black or the classic tortoiseshell pattern, for example, can help boost your professional image.

Sunglasses to express your creativity and fashion attitude

If, on the other hand, you want to show your most creative side and attentive to the latest trends, the models to focus on are modern shapes such as geometric ones, with bold, enveloping and light acetate frames.

Sunglasses for a youthful look

For a youthful and always trendy look, choose frames with silhouettes that flatter your face: rectangular for men and soft cat-eye shapes for women. The best sunglasses are those that give a touch of color to your look, especially the light acetate models with bright and shiny finishes.

Sunglasses for those who like to be noticed

Colorful frames are a bold and fun choice for the most eccentric personalities who always love to be the center of attention. You can choose sunglasses in bright and vibrant colors such as red, yellow, green and blue or opt for pastel colors such as pink or light blue. Whatever you choice, you will be in the spotlight!

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