How to clean sunglasses

Summer vacations are almost over for everyone, whether you spent them at the beach, in the mountains or in the city we are sure that one accessory that just could not miss in your suitcase is just one: sunglasses!

Between sand and salt, during a climb or walking around downtown, after accompanying you on these vacations it is normal that your glasses may be dirtier than usual.
So here are some tips for cleaning them easily and without ruining them!

Microfiber cloth

The most classic method of cleaning eyeglasses.
It removes dust, grease and moisture without damaging or scratching the lens and usually comes when you buy a new pair of glasses.
Always prefer it over t-shirts, shirts or even worse, beach towels!

Eyeglass Cleaner

There are many eyeglass-specific cleaners on the market that are specially formulated to remove dust and dirt from the lens without ruining it.
Simply spray it evenly on the lens and wipe with a clean microfiber cloth. When you no longer see the cleaner on the lenses, your glasses will be completely clean.

Soap and water

Sometimes a more thorough cleaning is needed to remove some residue and stains-how to do this? A little warm (not hot!) water and a drop of dish soap may be just the thing for a thorough cleaning of the eyeglass and its lenses.

Once you have washed the glasses gently, without rubbing too vigorously, let them dry in the open air for a few minutes and infinte remove any residue with a microfiber cloth.

What to avoid at all?

We have talked about three excellent methods for cleaning eyeglasses to make them shiny and bright again, but it is also important to talk about what not to do to make them last longer.
So here are some cleaning methods that are often used and would be best avoided, as well as a tip for not risking permanent damage to your sunglasses, but also to your eyeglasses!

  • Breathing on the lenses and cleaning them with a t-shirt: if there are grains of dust or sand in the glasses or T-shirt, rubbing them far and wide will irreparably scratch the lenses.

  • Use household cleaners: these products contain very harsh chemicals that can permanently damage the lenses and frames of the glasses.

  • Leave them on any shelf without storing them in their case, especially when exposed to direct heat sources. Remember to always store them in your backpack and don't forget them in the car!

By following these cleaning tips, your glasses will always look impeccable!